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Gilded Stag Beetle Pendant HR

Gilded Stag Beetle Necklace

Yasmin Everley

Lucanus Cervus
This beautiful Gilded Stag Beetle ring with jewel-encrusted wing case is necessary to complete the collection of any individual with a penchant for accessories. This piece consists of a life-sized stag beetle made in Sterling Silver, highlighted with gold plating, clutching a single black diamond with a trail of white diamonds along the thorax. We have paired it with a simple light curb chain.

£ 379.00

  • EUR: € 431.87 - € 431.87
  • USD: $502.44 - $502.44
  • AED: د.إ1,844.59 - د.إ1,844.59
  • AUD: $654.68 - $654.68