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Welcome to BritishWeLove

BritishWeLove aims to build and create the world’s first e-commerce market place dedicated to showcasing hand selected ranges from the finest heritage brands in Britain. Combining quintessential with the contemporary we aim to bring you the finest British style, designers and brands created in Britain. Brands will range from Royal Warrants to the well-established and the newcomer who has gained recognition; from heritage brands to London Fashion Week designers, all represented as their stores within our store, so they can offer you much more and you can take advantage of that.

Brands on the website are displayed with a homepage which gives access to their categories and products. By clicking onto a category on their homepage, you will be exposed to a larger selection of their products giving you greater choice. Everything you buy from britishwelove.com comes directly to you from our partner brands. We are passionate and committed to supporting the British Luxury Industry, British Fashion Designers and the British Brands of tomorrow. BritishWeLove hand select the finest British brands who are able to showcase almost all they have available saving you the trouble looking for them.

Our Story

If you love all things British, you’ve come to the right place! For centuries, British designers and manufacturers have been at the heart of innovation and at the cutting edge of quality, style, taste and sartorial elegance. There’s something very satisfying about holding or wearing well-made British perquisites. British tailoring, millinery, shoemaking and haberdashery have an unmistakably aristocratic chic. British technology and gadgetry betray an eccentric brilliance that the rest of the world rarely matches. And from Gin to Whisky to Marmite, British taste buds plough their own kooky furrow.

But we can’t help loving them. Our love of heritage British brands and the need to support the British Luxury Industry, British Fashion Designers and the British Brands of tomorrow has led us to create BritishWeLove……to bring you, our customer, the very best of British accoutrements from every quarter.

Our Customer Promise

BritishWeLove values customers who are at the centre of our company and we are committed to providing you with an efficient high standard service and customer care.